Music Director

"I worked with James Quigley over several years, and know him as a composer, actor, musician and Music Director. If I had a tough musical coming up, and a cast that needed real musical leadership, inspiration, and drive, my first choice of colleague would definitely be James."
Art Fidler, "Original Kids" Theatre Company

Voice Teacher

"I was privileged to take vocal lessons from James Quigley for several years. James is an accomplished vocalist himself with a four octave range. I benefitted greatly from Jamie's tutelage, expertise and instruction, making it possible for me to participate in the London Singers' choir. "
David Nicholls, Vocal Student

Voice Teacher

"A master at giving you the tools to take your next step - and then the one after that."
Bill Woodley, Vocal Student

Piano Bar Entertainer

"Every night I enjoyed his extreme talent. The piano bar became my second home on the ship. I found myself anxiously awaiting 10pm each night so that I could go to the piano bar. I felt like I was walking into the set of "Cheers" to my new ship family... and James was the core of it all!"
Cruiser, Carnival Cruise Lines

Piano Bar Entertainer

"Hands down, the most incredible piano man ever is James Quigley!

It took very little time for us to realize that we had to plan our nights around being in the piano bar from the minute James walked in until the minute he closed down the bar. James has the uncanny ability to take a piano bar full of strangers and within a matter of days turn us into a family.

Even now, months later, when I hear a song on the radio that James did, I perk up with a huge smile on my face, jack the volume up, and sing at the top of my lungs."
Susan Stelling Catto, Cruiser, Carnival Cruise Lines

Piano Bar Entertainer

"Just got off The Dream and enjoyed James Quigley in the piano bar. He was very entertaining and fun, plus he could play and sing. He knew how to get the crowd to join in. Had some good nights with him."
Susie Elkins Long, Cruiser
Carnival Cruise Lines

Piano Bar Entertainer

"I haven't had a vacation in 6 years, did two tours in Iraq and facing a third to Afghanistan. I just wanted to say thanks to James for giving me the chance to cut loose. I hope to catch a couple of shows when I get back from my tour of duty."
LaFayette Deal, Cruiser
Carnival Cruise Lines

Piano Bar Entertainer

"The loyal following that James is able to generate within a few short days left most nights standing room only, and his performance certainly encourages revenue generation. His catty banter is as welcome as his crowd pleasing favorites. He is a true professional and understands his role expertly, all the while pulling off a fun show."
Jack Ruby, Cruiser, Carnival Cruise Lines


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